World Missions

The Bridge Ministry has a heart for World Missions. In November 2008, homeless men approached Pastor Roger and Mrs. Kimmi with a passion to take up an offering at the Bridge Church in downtown Augusta Ga. every Saturday to send money to South Africa and plant churches.

The first Church was planted in South Sudan 2009 to a completely unreached people of the Kachipo tribe. Since that time 21 churches have been planted around the world by the men, women, and local churches involved in Bridge Ministry.

In 2011 volunteers from our local Philipino community in Augusta started working with the Bridge Ministry and a Philipino Bible Study began on Friday nights. Soon a missions team was formed and in 2012 we went to the Philippines, working with our local Doctor’s from Manila. There we began working with local pastors, doing medical clinics, ministering in prisons, orphanages, and holding crusades in villages and rural towns across the Nation, including Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City, Samar. Currently we are helping the people from Tacloban so devastated by Typhoons living on the streets and in tent cities. We will return again in September this year. We are asking for financial help to continue feeding programs and provide medical supplies On a larger scale we want to replace tents with small Bamboo houses , provide farming supplies, animals , and transportation so locals can become productive and hopeful again. Every Philippine native in the USA should step up to help their peopleIf homeless men and women under a Bridge in Augusta Ga. can help feed, clothe, and house people they have never met, surely the people of Philippines do something.

Ever dollar goes directly to the Philippines, as our Missions Team pay their own expenses to travel there and home. Your support will make a difference for eternity. Thank You and God Bless.